Berry Patch Preschool

 Where young minds grow!

"Both of my kids attended Berry Patch Preschool for 2 years. They absolutely adore Wendy so do I. What I love most about her is that she is very upbeat and fun but also stern when she needs to be. I feel like she prepared both of my kids for Kindergarten...academically, socially and taught them how to respect others, especially their teachers. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends and family. You can't go wrong!" - Dance Dunn

"My daughter was always super shy when it came to socializing and she ended up THRIVING at Berry Patch Preschool and has not only learned to socialize with children but with adults as well...which was the hardest part for her. Teacher Wendy wasn't just their teacher...she was their friend and they all knew how much she loved them. Wendy not only made my daughter excited to go to school but to learn, as well! I am very satisfied with the concepts my daughter has built and the knowledge she has gained. I feel confident sending her to Kindergarten." - Lindsey Evans

"Teacher Wendy has served my kids for 3 years and they both grew SO MUCH. Wendy genuinely cares for every child's well-being and wants them to succeed. She's both loving and fun...while still providing a routine and discipline. She helped set my kids up for success and I can't thank her enough!" - Britanee Walker

"We love Berry Patch Preschool! It was perfect for my super shy 4 year-old. Teacher Wendy did wonders for my son and he loved going to school! He learned so much and had so much fun sharing what he learned in class. He was sad when the school year we decided to sign him up for Wendy's Summer Class in June! He loved that, too! Teacher Wendy is amazing and works so well with the kids." - Kim Chang

"We love Teacher Wendy! She's a fun, loving, caring, amazing teacher! A teacher to your kid for a year...but she's a friend to them for a lifetime!" - Ellen Nielsen

"Wendy is an amazing teacher! Both my girls went to her Preschool and they were both ready and Above Level when they started Kindergarten! We are blessed to have Berry Patch Preschool in our neighborhood as such a wonderful place to provide education to our children. I highly recommend Berry Patch Preschool and Teacher Wendy!" - Jodi Stevens

"Berry Patch Preschool is awesome! My boys have loved going and learned so much! After moving from the area, we decided to go back to Teacher Wendy because the other Preschool just wan't good enough! She has a great curriculum and very fun field trips. I won't look anywhere else when my girls are old enough to go! Berry Patch Preschool has become our go-to for preschool in Saratoga Springs, UT!" - Liz Taylor

"Berry Patch Preschool is absolutely amazing! My daughter loves it there and the education is GREAT!" - Melissa Jensen